My name is Asia (which is pronounced a little like “AH-shah”. It’s an abbreviated form of well known name Joanna, but I don’t like the full version of my name. It sounds too official and I only use it for official matters.

I come from Koszalin, a city in northern Poland. After 11 years in Warsaw I sold my appartment, quit my corporate career and decided to travel.

I believe the world is full of beauty, sounds, tastes and wonderful people. It’s also full of problems, pollution, conflicts, poverty and inequality. I believe those should be described and written about so a change for better would be possible. Personally, I have an urge to see and learn about it and to share it with people.

I’m interested in endlessly many things and subjects. I read, talk to people, I taste and I learn new things each day. You will learn about my intrests if you decide to follow me here.

I have created this website in order to share my experiences and discoveries with you.

Learn, share and enjoy! 🙂