More about my travels

What will I be listening to durig my travels?

I’m a part of generation who created mixtapes on tapes. Now, for many stages of my life, special events, moods I still do create “mixtapes” but using Spotify playlists. You can find me there as  disorder1985 or Asia De (I’m not sure which name works better in browsing)

Because music is damn important. Thet’s why.

If I come acros a concert, performance, cool street trumpet player in the subway you can count on me to share with you recordings, clips and pictures. Soon here will appear a link to my travel mixtape on Spotify or Youtube. Please be patient.

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What will I be eating?

Everything except…meat. I don’t eat it since some time now and I hope it will stay that way. Decision was purely ideological, I will nor contradict and pretend I didn’t like the taste of meat or thought it was unhealthy. All vegans and vegetarians, who find it ideollogically important not to eat meat are willing to speak and write about it, I am not an exception in that matter. If I do something I believe is important and good I’m willing to share it and to be proud about it. Especially in Poland, which is developing in a very vege and vegan friendly  direction. Warsa is now full of places where we can eat soy schnitzel, vegan ramen, vegan sushi or tofu-scrumble, oyster-mushroom tripes, gluten-free pavlovas and other great dishes without meat or animal fats. Everything is now easy to get in all price ranges we can buy delicious vege and vegan food that we could only dream about 10 years ago.

I want to try everything possible in my price range. Stating with local alcoholic drinks, finishing on streetfood (even if the latter may result in a serious stomack problems in some areas of the world). If I see an opportunity I would try to attend cooking classes by locals or just casually cook with people from other cultures. I will try to post many t ings about food from around the world, as many of you are interested in it, and so am I.

No money talk

I do believe in that. You won’t read neither big coverages of my shopping nor a balance sheet of my expenses. Partially because I’m not even sure if I will be able to keep doing the latter 😉

As a typical polish woman of my age I had no real savings, so to be able to travel I sold my appartment. That means that oficially I’m homeless, but in a way I feel like home is everywhere I lay down my head on a pillow when the night falls. At least it’s nice to think that there will be a pillow.

Who do I want to meet?

It is wonderful to spend a day on sightseeing in a foreign country or a foreign city, walking the museums, watching the monuments. I am lucky to meet very friendly locals everywhere I go on my travels. It is a big pleasure to talk to local people, sometimes to be even invited to their houses or gardens. Thanks to them I get to know lots and lots of information and interesting things. As far as now I’m able to go around without any travel guides, and in most cases without maps. I may have missed an old church with a famus altar that is describes in the travelguide as the third biggest in country/world/region/multiverse. Doesn’t matter, I go where my eyes and legs take me. I don’t take tones of photos of everything, I walk slowly, I take my time, often wonder without a purpose looking for something interesting. I have a silly habbit of taking everything on photos twice, just in case if one photo is not sharp, which almost never happens 😉 I often sit on benches, grass, stare at people and things, rest in parks, caffees and wherever I feel good. I like sitting on bus stops and listen to what the locals are saying (even if I don’t understand much).

Previous experience taught me that after whole day of immersion in a foreign city or culture I usually end up in a multucultured hostel. The exchange that takes place in hostels is amazing! Every day people teach each other their languages, exchange plenty of useful information, get along to travel together, talk about their experiences and travels, about their own countries and culture, usually in a companny of local food and drinks. That kind of evenings may be after a while exhausting, but I’d rather not miss an opporunity to take part in it. That is why I’m not going to stay at hotels, but in hostels, often in dorms, where I can count on other peoples company. People like me: usually young, from all around the world, usually traveling since a long time, with a lot to share. Those people and encounters excite me not less than places that I will be visiting.

Obssesive compulsive travel disorder

Since a long time I can feel the urge of planning next trips and travels. It doesn’t end up at planns. When I divorced 4 years ago I suddenly had a lot of free time. First thing I did after divorce was a few weeks of lonely travels in polish mountains, and I learned that it was exactly what I wanted and needed. Since I wasn’t meant to spend my evenings in a couplr,d cooking dinners, gardening and visiting fa I commily it turned out I had a lot of free time. Naturally I wanted to spend it traveling.

After I changed jobs I was limited by 26days of holiday leave at work and I filled avery day of it with travels. I will have only the best memories from my last workplace. It will stay in my mind as a very well managed corporate office with everyone treating each other more than decently. I will always be gracious to people from my company who showed me understanding, who thought me a lot, who were not just collegues but also good friends. A decision to quit such a good workplace was not simple. I did not abandon a hated desk, stupid coworkers and dumb bosses – in contrary, I really liked in there and those people will always stay in my mind.

Before I left work, last 3 years I managed to visit Amterdam, 2 times Norway, CypIrus, Malta, Rome, Barcelona, Bruxelles, Budapes, Milan and many beautiful places in Poland, especially Mazuria and Lower Silesia, which I loved from the first sight.