Why travel?

Why travel

I decided to travel simply because…it was possible. Loads of people quit everything and start to travel the World. When I started to talk about it to others I was always being congratulated of my courage. I don’t consider myself being especially courageous. I’d like to think about it from a different perspective: stable life, going eveyday to work and living from one holiday to another and from one weekend to another seems to be more of an act of courage for me. I sometimes think I have choosen an easier path, by choosing an upstream shortcut.

The idea of traveling was always in my head. It has started with a single thought of going to Alaska. I won’t be especially original to admit that this thought appeared in my head after watching as a kid Northern Exposure. Here’s a link in case if you don’t know what I’m talking about: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098878/

In my head Alaska was a mix of images of rivers, mountains, lakes, and a lot of ice and snow with tiny towns hidden among them full of friendly and a little werid people living there. This summer I will check if that image is true 😉

Why travel

Go with the flow

When I figured that I will be going to Alaska I just went with the flow and planned the rest of the trip, starting with 3 weeks in New York. I need quite a lot of time for each place, that is one of my premisses. I don’t wish to hurry. The second part of my big plan is…not to plan too much. So I will not spend whole months buying and reading guides. I will make pland just a few moments ahead visiting each place. I feel my travels are much more relaxing this way. Not being in hurry, not caring about highlits “must see” list and not run around taking photos.

I treated my going with the flow seriously and I thought one day, that if I will be in North America for a while…why not to pop in to South America? A month in Mexico, two more months in Peru, Chile and Argentina are a result of my plan. After all it’s high time I learn some spanish! And after such a long time in there I will have at least a vague idea about how this part of the World looks like and if I like it.

What to see?

I want to see as much nature and culture in places I will visit. From one side see the animals, plants, from otheher side get to know the local culture, see the museums,  monumets, architectire, cities and villages. Finally, I want to fulfill my travels with reading. In Mexican Chiapas reading about Zapato’s movement, in Alaska about the Gold Rush, in Valparaiso read Pablo Neruda and so on. I want to have a feeling I got to know the places as much as possible, also in an intelectuall way. I will try local food (tha’s why there will be a lot about food on this website), hear local music, drinks and everything.

Why travel ? Definatly not to party. You won’t be seing photos of clubs and discos here. Yes, I may try to learn to dance in Argentina or Mexico, but in generall clubbing is at the very end of my list. Or even not there at all.

It doesn’t mean I will be avoiding people. That’s not possible in hostels, where I will be staying each day. Nethertheless, I will not be spending time with drunken teenagers and disco lights. I Vegas in may go to casinos for the aesthetics, but certainly I dont care about gambling. I won’t be checking up celcebrities houses in Holywood either. No shopping malls, not much about dresses and makeup, bags, shoses not to mention luxury hotels. I can’t afford luxury. And even if I did, I have a feeling there is always a better use of my money.

Why travel