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Grandiosa Pizza

So what do Norwegians eat on daily basis? Norwegians joke about their national dish being Pizza Grandiosa, a frozen pizza that you can buy in every supermarket. In my oppinion it’s not so good, even for frozen pizza. The joke has some truth in it, as Norwegians eat tones of it, 24 milions pizza Gradiosas are being eaten in Norway per year (population 4,6 millions peoeple). And we’re only talking about one brand, so not counting the others. The jingle single from the pizza ad has become a hit on norway’s pop music charts hitting number one ( somewhat silly title “Respect for Grandiosa” song Yes, I suppose we can call it a national dish in that case.

Other popular foods:


Meatballs. Just like the ones they sell in Ikea, so no need for a photo I guess 😉


There’s a new tradition od Taco Fridiays flourisihg in Norway, so I have to mention that one.


So balls made of fish. Sometimes made of fish and potato. They also eat fish chops, like fishballs, but flatter. Sometimes they eat potato balls called komler. Oh, the fishballs are canned. I didn’t dare to try.


Fish pudding or fiskepudding

Like fishballs but blended and with gelatine. My family calls it “fish chops blended with fishermans boat”. I do not recommend it so much 😉

Brunost “cheese”

Mentioned before on my website. Yes, norwegians actually do eat it and don’t keep it in grocery stores just to scare the tourists. I think I would have to be a native norwegian to be able to appreciate it’s taste.


Ordinary sausages, that have been mentioned before too. Seriously, just sausages. They grill it, cook it, bake it and fry it on a pan. Norwegians like this delicacy wrapped in a potato-pancake called lefse or in a hotdogg roll.


Good old apple crumble. Served with creme fraiche or ice cream. I do recommend this one! Just to mention, there is no fish in it!


Something between buttercakes and pancakes baked in a cute cone shape. Very tasty. So tasty, they serve it rather only on Christmas.


A very popular snack which I can totally recommend. For more hard core version try it norwegian style, with brunost on the top. Just don’t forget to have a toothbrush closeby, it might be handy, as brunost is hard to remove from the teeth.

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