Why are travel blogs annoying?

Why are travel blogs annoying?

Is it just me or there are more people who find travel blogers annoying? People calling themselves nomads, taking photos of themselves jumping in the air, always smiling like mandmans? Yes, it was a hype 10 years ago, but now there are bloody hundreds thousands of people who travel, even who quit their jobs, sell their stuff and do it. Including myself. But I really dont like those madly positive people. Let’s say it. Positive vibrations bullshit has gone wild. Everybody is positive, always smiling, laughing, making funny faces, taking the same photos by the pool, on route 66 or in Phi Phi Thailand. Those lovely families that keep needing to prove that this is actually possible to travel with children. Those madly-in-love couples traveling together. Why has almost every travel blog become a corny cliche?

As I said, it was something new 10 years ago, but now? Everybody knows that its all about money to be able to travel. More people would do it if they could afford. Western people have money, so they travel. They loose this consciousness and keep feeding you with liberalist bullshit you-can-be-whoever-you-want-to-be. Bulsshit about following your dreams. Sure, its many people dreams, just not many can afford that kind of life. And if you’re born in so called 3td world country in a typical (that is poor) family that means your dreams are probably your own bed and enough food every day.

The other thing which I find repulsive on travel blogs is constant advertising of really every kind of stuff. You have your blog or travel website, but to earn money you sell stuff. I higly doubt that people really believe in what they sell. In that case, they are just salesmen making their living with selling others people stuff. No crap about following the dream and living it. Of course I get it, everybody would like to get money and travel at the same time. I just dont like the foney idea of bombing your followers with constant adds.

Thing that I feel really uneasy about is western bloggers being offensive for other cultures and mocking them. This is really unethical and wrong. I feel stupid while reading peoples experiences from really poor countries, so often former colonies of their own. Wester people who complain on conditions, stay in cool only-for-westerners hostels, spend their money on incredibly cheap everything and bragging about it. I feel some ethical itch when I read about it. We have to remember about the wolrd is not being an oyster for everybody. That there are countries destroyed by wars, colonialism and capitalism. The same wealth that brings us money to travel may have been a result of our colonial past. Shit, Im not going to live in poverty and give everything away! But at least I will try not to forget those things and not ommit writing about them. I know it may be not popular or nice, pictures of REAL life and REAL world are maybe not so likely to be followed on instagram. But its true.

The next thing I dislike is the content. How many more packing advice do we need? How many more ‘best place to eat in…’ best beaches selection? Is that really what sells or is that what people want to read? I have an impression that people travel without feeling the urge to really explore the places. I don’t mean the most fashionable “off the beaten track” experience (when you find yourself at the end of the world village and you introduce it as you have just discovered 8th wonder of the world). I mean travel bloggers stopped reading anything else that other travel blogs and bloody travel guides. And some posts are often much inspired by Wikipedia at the best. What the hell? Is talking to locals dead? Reading books other than LonelyPlanet guides dead too?

The last but not least annoying thing – travel bloggers tend to show themselves as experts. In everything, but of course mainly in places they have visited. Do you really call yourself an expert on Paris after two weeks of visiting? Are you an expert on Thailand after a month of traveling this beautiful country? I dont consider myself an expert on Norway, altrough its been my 3rd time in here and Ive been here alltogether for more than 2 months now. Yes, I may know stuff but I would feel I was lying to people if I pretended to know it all about here. So thats why you will not see a plenty of travel advice on my site: I dont really believe I should give it with little experience I have. Ask yourself, whould you consider yourself as an expert on where you live? your city? country? region? If the answer is “no” than you understand my point of view: some lovely travel blogger will come, spend a mont in there and will write articles like he knows it all. There is not enough humble approach in it. Just read some foreign blogers articles about your city or country, I can guarantee in some of them there will be plenty of misinformation and bullshit.